rocky horror was so fun; i got second place in the costume contest and i really couldn’t have asked for a better night!

me and my friend zac!!! :-)


all done, thanks to my friend’s cousin! :-)

yep, here it is, you guys! my space!magenta costume is finished!!

so good news! and bad..

well, my space!magenta costume is coming out perfectly! all it needs are the wings and it’s totally good to go! i’ll be taking plenty of pictures for you all to see.

the bad news..? well, it’s not necessarily bad, but i’ve been very caught up in my 5 other blogs that i’m running at the moment (these few being the top ones):

i mean, you can feel free to check them out and whatnot, but the last two are actually for a roleplay group that i’m running and it’s a bunch of hassle to work on all of these blogs in one whole day and go to school/sleep to top it all off! but i’m going to try and be better about this blog, though it’s getting harder and harder each day.

this post was more of an update to let you all know that i am still here… just floating on other blogs around tumblr.

talk to me anytime!

please let me just marry your blog jhsfksdf

aw my blog is flattered you can totally marry it :’>